THE THOMAS’ ~ a fun filled in-home family photoshoot in the Herefordshire countryside

I love nothing more than meeting families in their own homes. Being surrounded by their own belongings, in their own environment means I will be able to capture the children being 100% themselves. They will be more relaxed and at ease in front of the camera, which ensures I am able to capture their unique personalities.

When I arrived at the beautiful refurbished farm house in Herefordshire, belonging to The Thomas family, I instantly felt at home! As a fellow family of 5 I could feel the energy and chaos that having 3 small children comes with and I LOVED it!! It wasn’t long before I got shot in the backside with a nerf gun and I knew we were in for a fun session.

Wrestling, jumping and nose picking ensued. But once we’d wrapped up the session baby Rolly was ready for a nap and I knew this would be a great opportunity to capture some more intimate moments of Mum with her littlest baby boy.

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