Kay Dawn
Kay Dawn
Kay Dawn

There’s something about the reaction I get from parents when they see their photos for the first time that fills me with the kind of joy usually reserved for double-yolk eggs and four-leafed clovers. It’s a kind of fizz and crackle that reminds me I’m in exactly the right career. 

Bring me your newborns, your babies, your toddlers, your teens, your reluctant husbands and everyone in between. I promise relaxed, honest lifestyle photography that’ll look incredible in your home and a fun day out that everyone will love. 

Like most mums, I know exactly how tiring, wonderful, joyful and turbulent having a family can be. One minute everyone’s fine, the next someone’s jammed a wooden spoon down the sink, someone else has no pants on and a small fire has been started in the living room. 

*raises glass in exhausted toast to parenthood*

Mum of three and lifelong Hereford girl, I’m a passionate photographer with a signature style that’s both natural and yet at the same time pretty polished. 

Getting to know Kay

I’ll be the one with the camera 

“I was normal two kids ago.”

But ultimately, having kids was the best thing I ever did. The unique conversations I have with them, the extraordinary things they’ve taught me, the completely bizarre way their little minds work. It’s a journey for sure, but it’s completely worthwhile. 

As mums, it’s easy to fill a decade’s worth of albums with photos that we never appear in. I think this is a bit of a shame. Mums need to be preserved too (some days more than others, right?) and it’s so harsh that we cut ourselves out of history because we’re always the ones behind the camera. 

When you book a shoot with me, you’re as big a part of the picture as the children are. And whether they like it or not, so are your partners. If I had fifty pence for every dad I had worked with whose partner had half-seriously informed me that, “Oh, he’s going to hate this. He hates having his photo taken”, then I’d be a VERY wealthy woman. After a few minutes, they all relax, kick back, play with their kids and end up being the star of the show. Don’t worry dads: I’ve got you all worked out. 

You can run, but you cannot hide. 


I LOVE a box set. Current fave is...This Is Us (so sad!) 

I’m big on travel. Having little ones clips my wings a bit but the next trip is to... Italy 

My favourite tipple is... A Mojito

My happy place is... Anywhere in the sun

My biggest weakness is... Jaffa Cakes. I swear they have healing properties. 

Being asked to capture a family’s story is a pretty incredible thing

Where the magic happens 

more about motherhood

That bond between mother and child is both mind-boggling and unique. Nothing quite matches it. It’s really important to put yourself in the picture and show up in your family’s story. 



Looking for heartfelt lifestyle family photography that captures the energy and unique personality of your brood, without being horribly cheesy?

I got you.

Family Sessions


And just like that, your world just changed FOREVER. But don’t worry, it’s changed in the best possible way. A new baby is a beautiful, beautiful thing and I would be delighted to help you capture the beginning of your little one’s story. 

Newborn Photography