During the session, my only real advice is to be yourselves. To help loosen you all up, I might suggest some gentle direction (“Why don’t you try going for a walk?” “Shall we try looking at one another?”) but other than that I’ll let you do you. Often, children take to this kinda thing much quicker than Mum and Dad as they’re much less inhibited and more eager to run wild and have fun. But there’s no need for parents to feel nervous: some of my most joyful moments I’ve captured have happened when nobody’s actually looking at the camera! I’m pretty good at working with the mad, energetic hustle that makes family life so magical.

Trust me, you do want to be in your family album (yes, even if you usually hate photos of yourself). One day, the children and their children will be looking back at your albums and wonder where you are in them. Be present in your family’s history, you’re a really important part of it. 

My sessions are always fun, relaxed and natural. No cheese, no cringe.

Having some joyous family portraits to look back on is so important. Little ones are only little for such a short time - blink and they’re starting university! 

I listen to you. Every family is different and I cannot wait to hear all about yours. 

The kids will love it…

…and so will you. Promise.

Five really good reasons to book a session with me…

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