When you fire up the laptop and ping me an email, you’re signing up for a beautiful hands-off experience for you and your family. Whether we’re shooting you and your rabble in a field of golden wheat (lots of my clients tend to have a bit of wheat going on somewhere near their home), or hunkering down for a low-key, gentle afternoon in your front room, I’ll tailor the day specifically to you and what you would like.

A properly easy-going photography experience from someone who lives for toddler squidges and newborn snuggles.

Serving up warm and joyful family & newborn photography. Hold the cheese.

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Hello! I’m Kay and welcome to my little nook of the internet. This is where I (virtually) live and where you can book me to take brilliant, moving yet real portraits of you and your family. If you’re the parent who’s always out of shot because you’re the one taking the photo, I think it’s time we put you in the frame, don’t you? 

You know that very specific scent that you get when you bury your nose in a newborn’s perfect little head? That. That is probably the best thing ever. 

Why I’m exactly what you’ve been looking for 

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Meet Kay 

Ten excellent reasons why we should be friends

Dragging your little wild ones to a studio and forcing them to say “Cheese!” brings you out in a light sweat.

You’ll love working with me if...


You’re a little bit concerned that your partner is gonna hate the whole thing (fret not: they won’t)

You’ve recently welcomed a new bundle of bounce into the family (I LOVE newborns).

You’re always the one not in the photo (because you’re busy taking it). I specialise in coaxing the camera-shy into shot.

You want some fun, beautiful photos of your family that you’ll excited to hang in your home.

You love a bit of Golden Hour loveliness (that slice of the day right before sunset when the light gets all soft and dreamy).

You are painfully aware that you only have eighteen precious years with your children before they spread their wings and start building their own families.

You want something contemporary and gorgeous.

You don’t mind a bit of colour as long as it’s applied in a tasteful way.

You are entirely convinced that you have miraculously birthed the most beautiful humans mankind has ever known and they need photographing.

But here’s the thing! It’s actually awesome. Well, it is if you hire me. When I say “hands-off”, I really mean it. While I might suggest the odd unstructured suggestion for what to do or how to stand (so that you don’t feel completely abandoned in front of my lens), I will never, ever ask you to “strike a pose”. Not my style. We’ll simply go for a wander in your location of choice – be that field, woodland, beach or your own home – and see what happens. I’ll encourage the children to play, run, jump and just generally be themselves, while your only job is to relax. And maybe play, run, jump around if you feel like it (I’m a mum, I totally understand if you haven’t the energy to do any jumping).

Signing up for a family photography shoot just doesn’t seem very “you”, am I right? Dragging your partner and kids out into a field to pose for a stranger’s camera all in the name of vanity just feels a bit…well…vain. I mean, who do you even think you are? Plus, your husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend will probably hate the whole thing. What were you thinking? 

Michael J. Fox

A family is not an important thing, it's everything.

I’m not a “photoshoot” person, but after a session with Little Buds, I’m trying to work out when I could justify another! Kay came highly recommended, but she totally and completely exceeded my expectation. From our first contact, Kay was not only professional, but all interaction was easy, warm and came across with a kindness which I knew meant that I would feel at ease during the session. The session itself went by easily, Kay directing in a way that didn’t feel invasive, keeping us all relaxed. I couldn’t believe how quickly the session went by, it just seemed like we went for a stroll with a friend. 

Felicity B

After seeing another local business in Hereford post Kays Instagram page, I instantly fell in love with her style and there was no question about who I’d like to take our annual photoshoot! Her style is laid back, natural, unposed but it still ends up looking like something off Pinterest! I had a few questions and I messaged Kay on Instagram and she was faster at replying than my own mother! 😂! I tend to feel quite awkward behind a camera but because it was so laid back it didn’t even feel like I was having any photos taken!! Thank you so much we will definitely be a returning customer!!

Chloe H

Think you’re not really “into” family photoshoots? Think again. You are. You just don’t know it yet. Kay is bloody excellent. Her work is relaxed, cool, and just so unlike any other family photography I’d ever seen before. The shoot itself was so much fun and surprisingly low maintenance, Kay goes out of her way to accommodate you and really makes you feel at home in front of the lens. The results have been absolutely magical and really “us”. She just gets it. Book her without hesitation for laid back, lovely, warm, gorgeous pictures of you and yours

Kathryn C

Kay captured our family perfectly and we will cherish the photos forever. We have looked at them over and over again. They are just so beautiful and she is the loveliest most relaxed person you will meet. We can’t wait to use Kay again in the future.

Emily B

We had a wonderful summer evening with Kay and time just flew. We love our photos and would absolutely recommend to any family to have photos taken with Kay. We had a lovely relaxing session and it was amazing how the personality profiles got caught on camera in the time we had. We just love the photos, you will not be disappointed. I have watched our gallery sideshow about 5 times and I'm just in love! Thank you so much!

Tasha M

Our photographs are absolutely beautiful and adorn every room in the house. Kay was very patient with my toddler and newborn and managed to get amazing photographs in a very relaxed session. You can’t put a price on capturing the details and memories of a newborn.

Laura P