A very common question which I am asked by a lot of my clients is: “What should I/we wear?“.
Well, ultimately you should always wear something which you are 100% comfortable in and something which makes you feel great! This is key for a successful shoot. However, I thought I’d share a few of my recommendations for when it comes to choosing what to wear. 

  • AVOID bold logos, graphics and text on t-shirts as these can be quite distracting
  • THINK “classic” – these images will be your keepsakes and will most likely be on your walls for many years to come
  • AVOID all-white clothing as this can cause “blow outs” leading to details of the clothing being lost. Off white and cream make for a much warmer yet clean look
  • DO WEAR: a dress. Choose YOUR outfit first. Trust me on this one. You’ll feel prettier, and it’s more flattering than anything else you can wear. If you’re not a big fan of dresses, choose a skirt and top combination. My suggestion would be to choose one that’s an A-Line style (fitted in the waist and flows out over your hips). I promise it’ll be 1000x more flattering than anything else you could pick. This will ad beautiful texture and movement to your images.
  • DO LAYERS: layer dresses, cardigans and accessories such as necklaces, scarves and ties to enhance visual interest. If you own a cool hat, bring it!

It’s best to have a theme but not a “uniform” i.e. with everyone in white cotton t-shirts and blue jeans. This can be extremely rigid and unflattering.

Choose a selection of co-ordinating colours and pick clothes that fit within your colour scheme.

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